Saturday 5 December 2009

Seeing and not seeing

One of the great things about painting, even in a very amateur way, is that it makes you really look at things. Mind you, the end result might not be much like what you saw; but it is still worth trying. This week we were aiming to paint in red and green ... the idea being, I guess to produce something Christmassy - holly & ivy and all that. But we had some marvellous red chard growing in a pot this year, so I attempted a portrait of that. Thought I'd better tell you or you would not recognise it; but it was fun to do.

In case that depresses you too much, you might prefer to see the view towards the Needles a couple of days back, when the weather was brighter than today. It is all about looking, and really seeing: 'for he spoke to them in parables; that seeing they might not see'. I think many of us just now are loking for the signs of the times, discerning what the future holds for us. It is certainly not dull.

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