Saturday 18 December 2010


Before the Papal Mass...

Today was to have been fun; a trip to Nth London for Fr Malcolm Gray's 40th anniversary of priesting. So the least I can do is post a couple of pictures of Father in his natural habitat, viz. Fatima. They were taken in the summer, when Pope Benedict visited Fatima in order to meet Fr Gray - and to join in the Pilgrimage with half a million others. I am sure today will also have been a great occasion, despite the snow which seems to have enveloped most of England and will have prevented some of his friends from joining him.

While I am blogging, may I draw your attention to the Ordinariate blog for Wales? The situation for catholics in the Church in Wales is dire (shall I be threatened by the Grand Mufti of Llandaff for daring to say so? Oh, I tremble...) Those in the Principality who are seeking to join the Ordinariate for England and Wales deserve all our support. You will find them at

...and after the Papal Mass

Thursday 16 December 2010

Permit me to boast...

Time Honoured Lancaster
Silent blog for a few days, having taken off for Lancaster, where our son is now in his fifth year of University (and his forty-second since his birth). Along with a few hundred others he was receiving his degree, a Master of Science in Informatics - this as a result of a year spent since attaining his BSc. (No, I don't know what Informatics is either, but it seems he does). Now he is starting his three-year doctoral course, so the degree ceremony was a good opportunity to visit him and inspect his newly acquired flat.

Proud Mother & Son
I hope you will forgive this little bout of boasting - good to be away from ecclesiastical politics for a while.