Thursday 17 March 2011

Player Piano

No time for long blogging from here in Texas: just a note to let those who are interested know that I'm still around, enjoying huge hospitality, and that today I met the Diocesan - Kevin, Bishop of Fort Worth - who is a PLAYER PIANO buff. I will try to post a photograph of him in action when I return home next week. Meanwhile, congratulations to my Monsignori (I miei signore?) former colleagues, Keith, John and Andrew.
All those I meet here are anxious for the American Ordinariate to be set up and its Ordinary announced. Pray for them, please, especially for priests of the (Anglican) genuine Diocese of Fort Worth (as opposed to Mrs Schori's rival show).
Tomorrow, I am to do what I've been asked here to do, give one element of a Lent Course in the parish of St Mary the Virgin Arlington (an Anglican Use Parish). More of all this in due course.
Meanwhile, enjoy what's left of S Patrick's day (it is only 6pm here, and very warm)

Sunday 13 March 2011

Newly Elected

The Rite of Election yesterday was a great event; I wrote about it on the Anglo-Catholic blog. But now, I have been sent such a marvellous picture taken by Barry Hudd, the Diocese's official photographer, that it seemed churlish not to share it. So above you will see Bishop Crispian addressing the new members of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, groups from Ryde and Portsmouth with their shepherd, Jonathan Redvers-Harris, from Reading with David Elliott, and from Bournemouth & Christchurch with Raymond Smith. It really did feel as though some of the wounds of the Reformation were being bound up, and a historical moment of the Ecumenical Journey was beginning. Now I must abandon blogging for a while to attend to an engagement in Texas: more of that in a week or so, I hope. Meanwhile, to pack.