Sunday 24 March 2013

A Cold Coming they had of it...

As well we did not get a donkey; the RSPCA would have been after us for letting the beast out in such bitter weather. The journey from Church Hall to Church this morning was more like Christmas than a Palm Sunday - more the Journey of the Magi than a Primrose Path in Spring.

Gathering in the Hall for the Palm Gospel
Fr Brian was celebrant, and the choir managed to keep us more or less in time with "All Glory, Laud and Honour".

Time was difficult,though, since the parish's 8am Mass was only concluded a few minutes before we were due in church. Then after us the 11am congregation was thronging the doors (though we managed to be out by 10.35). Holy Week will be a little easier; we join together for the Triduum, up to the Vigil of Easter. Our only solo Mass will be at 11.45am on Sunday morning.

Priests and Servers set a cracking pace
Now we are off to bed, ready for an early start tomorrow - the Chrism Mass is in London, and our presence depends on some rather close timing for trains and tube.
The Proclamation of the Luke Passion
Photos courtesy of Brian Harrison