Friday 18 January 2013

And what will the Robin do then, poor thing?

Couln't resist posting this picture of robin looking in at our window this morning. I should have gone to the Dominican Sisters at Sway, but they very kindly excused me - for the chances were my poor old Skoda would not have made it out of Lymington, let alone down the lane to their Priory and back again.

Seems we are having as much snow here as most of the Southwest; very picturesque, but frustrating if you need to get out. A cousin of ours in Canada though simply laughs at the way we are paralysed by a few inches of snow.  So we will just get on with feeding the birds, and stop complaining. For all that, I trust we will make it to Bournemouth on Sunday to worship with the rest of our Group - we are all getting excited at the prospect of the arrival of our new (to us) Church Organ in a couple of weeks time - of which more later..