Saturday 10 March 2012

Sway - Quietly

The Ordinariate Group from Bournemouth had its Lent Quiet Day today, with the Dominican Sisters in Sway. The weather was perfect, and Fr John Lee who led the day hit exactly the right note. (below contemplating our equine cousins)

We were fifteen in the party, including a couple of "cradle" Catholics from Our Lady Queen of Peace in Southbourne.

We prayed, and rested, walked and sat in the sunshine, and had a quite lovely time. Then just as the Mass was ending one of our number felt bit queasy - in the end we took her to outpatients where she was given a thorough going-over, and reassured there was nothing seriously wrong.

It meant though that we did not have a full complement for our group photos. Still, it may be that those attached to this blog may gain a little impression of the day, a real taste of Spring in the New Forest.

Occasions like this are marvellous for building up the sense of belonging for a Group comprising members from half a dozen previous Anglican churches. We are beginning to feel very much a family now. Tomorrow, Mgr Burnham (former Bishop of Ebbsfleet) visits us, so we'd better smarten up the liturgy!