Thursday 2 December 2010

Everything Looks Better in the Snow

Our latest visitors proved how foolish it was to say "though the rest of the country is snowbound, we never get snow here in the South". Frs Page (from Leytonstone) and Elliott-Smith (from Tottenham) came for an overnight visit, and with them overnight came the snow.

The trains are running, though, and Lymington looks much better for its sprinkling of snow. The United Reformed Church has just had a major restoration, and looks better than ever before. Sadly, I hear that the minister there has just died after a very rapid cancer. She had not been here very long. Requiescat.

St Thomas', the parish church, is also improved by a dressing of tinsel.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Italian interest

Since the visit of the Pope to Britain, many overseas have shown an interest in what is happening in this country. I was asked some questions by an on-line journal [Il Sussi Diario] - if you would like to check it out, the English version is at
It will appear in an Italian version in due course.