Sunday 13 May 2012

A Bit Deficient

Today our Ordinariate Mass was full to overflowing; St Peter's School had asked if their Confirmation Group (of almost fifty) might attend as part of their day of recollection.

It was just lovely to have so many youngsters with us - and made us realise that our bit of the Ordinariate is sadly deficient. We are mostly more than a bit post-mature! Today was different, and it cheered us all up enormously. Not only was the school there, we had some teachers and parents and our youngest worshipper was three-week old Nicola. It was a great encouragement to hear her giving voice just before the Gospel. After Mass they adjojurned to the Hall for refreshments and instruction. The day is due to end for them with a barbecue. I don't recall having that sort of day during my confirmation preparation.

The pictures here give a little impression of how it all looked. Oh, and below is the resited image of Our Lady of Walsingham, keeping guard over the West Door. We turn to face this ststue when we sing Regina Caeli (as we did today, in English) or the Angelus.

Best of all today was the news that Brian Copus, former Anglican Vicar, has received his dispensation from clerical celibacy, allowing him to proceed to Ordination. This means that he will be in the next group to be ordained Deacon, in Westminster Cathedral on Saturday May 26th. He is on the left in the picture below, telling the good news to Tom and Valerie, two friends from St Joseph's in Christchurch who worship with us on alternate Sundays.