Monday 17 September 2012

Which Church? Which Rite?

They think they have located Richard III's mortal remains under a Leicester car-park. So here is what is proposed: 'The Dean of Leicester, the Very Revd Vivienne Faull, said that the cathedral had worked "very closely" with Leicester City Council and the University of Leicester on the search for Richard III's remains. (she said:) "If the identity of the remains is confirmed, Leicester Cathedral will continue to work with the royal household, and with the Richard III Society, to ensure that his remains are treated with dignity and respect, and are reburied with the appropriate rites and ceremonies of the Church."'
Now the only Rites and Ceremonies known to the last Plantaganet king were those of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. So are these the rites Dean Faull envisages? And is that the Church which she expects to conduct the re-interment? I only ask, seeking as ever to be helpful.