Tuesday 26 June 2012

Recognition for the Tradition

Fr Michael Gollop, writing in his "Let nothing you dismay" blog, commented on the Holy Father's decision to create three more former Anglican Bishops "capellani" - that is, they are nominated to be among his Chaplains; and that has the result of according them (us) the title of Monsignor. Here is part of what Fr Gollop had to say: "These latest honours seem intended as a recognition not only of former individual Anglican ministries, but of an entire tradition".

Fr Brian proposes a toast

I am sure he is right; and our Group in Bournemouth on Sunday toasted the Holy Father, and thanked him for all he is doing to enable us and so many former Anglicans to find a home in the Roman Communion. As the next crucial Synod comes ever closer for the Church of England, I hope those of us who have joined the Ordinariate will pray for them. Perhaps the worst possible outcome would be yet another delay - but that is their business, not ours. All we can do is offer our prayers that all we knew which was good in the Church of England and the Anglican Communion may somehow continue and flourish - and only the Good Lord knows if that is possible, and if so where and how it might occur.

[I am indebted to Brian Harrison for the picture he took in the Hall after our Ordinariate Mass.]