Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Holborn to the Dorsodouro

Goodbye St Albans

Not a direct route, to go by way of Lymington. But Fr Howard Levett was getting a bit overwhelmed with packing cases, so decided to take a breather in deepest Hampshire. He is, you may know leaving St Alban's Holborn to take up a post later this year as Anglican Chaplain in Venice. Besides, he is a very good guest to entertain during the New Forest Show. So today we forgot about disposing of the accumulation of fifteen years and set off once more into the Forest.

Hampshire Downs sheep ready for judging

It was particularly busy today, the middle of the three days of the show. We caught up with old favourites, like the New Forest Plonkers, but also saw some of the dozens of horses (it was the New Forest Champion Pony which was winner of the native pony class - most satisfactory) and we watched the judging of some of the beef cattle, and of the sheep.

It is a great place for people-watching; the lady judges were all heavily hatted, and I have not seen so many bowlers since the City took to open-necked shirts. We were happily displaying our tattoos among the lower classes, watching ferret racing and steam engines. All very jolly. I think there may have to be a little trip back from Venice next summer, so that Fr Howard can get his fix of ancient England.


Very wet, Venice.

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