Friday, 26 February 2010

Where to blog?

High time I added another post, to replace the image which has been staring at me on various kind friends' blogs, recommending Ancient Richborough. I have just taken my first steps on "The Anglo-Catholic" site. My, those Americans are so civil! And they even call me "Your Grace" - I thought perhaps the title went with ex-Richborough as an extension of the Archbishop's ministry, but not so. In America they are accustomed to calling EVERY Bishop "Your Grace". Which set me thinking about titles and suchlike. "Your Grace" is not simply confined to Archbishops; it is also the correct form of address for Dukes. By some strange hangover from pre-Reformation times Archbishops of Canterbury even outrank Dukes in matters of precedence; which I suppose is why they sometimes have to cancel Confirmations so as to be present at State Banquets and such.

Then again, sometimes people still address me as "My Lord"... at least, I think it is an address and not an exclamation of surprise. When asked, I tell people I prefer to be called "Father" - but if that is not their style, then Bishop will do.

Banks and Solicitors used to be able to be relied on to address one properly; now you are quite likely to get a letter beginning "Dear Rt Revd" or some such. I honestly don't mind; though if it is such a problem "Mr Barnes" is still perfectly OK. Costume dramas are always fouling up on this, referring to "Reverend Bennett" .. but then, that otherwise admirable film "Master and Commander" managed to have the crew (during the burial at sea) praying the Lord's Prayer in the ASB form; no dears, not "who art" but "which art" .... perhaps I should offer to be ecclesiastical consultant to the production companies?

The Ordinariate is offering to allow fomer Anglican Bishops to wear the gear. But what gear? The Patrimony would suggest aprons and gaiters, Rochet & Scarlet Chimere, maybe the Order of the Bath or some such bauble. A bit out of place in a catholic setting, I'd have thought.

I think it's better to post this on my own blog rather than the Anglo-Catholic. The C of E is mysterious enough to our American cousins, without adding unneccessary confusion. I think I have been invited onto the team to give a CofE view of events. I have had to warn them that my viewpoint is not neccessarily that of the entire Church of England. A pity, but there it is. Now, back to those sermons for Sunday (a Confirmation) and Tuesday (the SSC Chapter here in Lymington).

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  1. Alas, Father, it is not just costume dramas that foul up on 'How to address the clergy'. See page 21 of the current edition of the Church Times where they refer to "the Revd Webber"! You think they'd know better.