Thursday 25 February 2010

To see ourselves as others see us...

Rather pleased to be asked to contribute to 'The Anglo-Catholic' blog; they have contributors from all over, but none, I think, from the Church of England. So, while I still manage to hang on to the CofE [barely] by my finger-nails, I shall do my best to give a view from this side of the Atlantic. The difficulty in signing up for them, though, was providing a potted autobiography and a current photograph. I was put in mind of Hensley Henson who wrote his self-effacing memoirs of "an unimportant life" - in three volumes. I did go on a bit, and expect I shall be subedited down to size. As for photos, I had a friend take a couple for me this morning. He managed to remove most of my head in several, which is probably an improvement. Then I tried some with the self-timer. It was all pretty disastrous, so to give you some amusement I am posting a couple here.
So they say the camera never lies; in that case maybe I do begin to see the argument for assisted suicide (just kidding)!


  1. My God, Father, You should have been pope!

  2. Dear Father, Good news that you are to write for Anglo-Catholic. You do not do yourself justice in the photos and the camera is lying! Perhaps not quite so close and with outside light? Better still a little visit to a professional or good amateur photographer so as do do all things well? Ongoing prayers for your ministry and leadership.

  3. Edwin (Your Grace?), if circumstances lead you to embrace the future Ordinariate, as a lifelong Latin Rite Catholic, I would deem it our gain and the C of E's loss. May God bless whatever path he leads you down!