Monday, 8 August 2011

Happier Times?

I have just posted on the ANGLO-CATHOLIC site (see side-bar for a link) so shall not repeat that. It was good, though, to have a great Civil War site put the present-day rioting in Tottenham &c into an historical perspective. I should also like to post a couple more photographs from today's visit to Corfe, so treat this simply as an appendix. I expecially liked seeing the steam train from the Castle battlements. Is an affection for steam trains part of the Patrimony?

Hard on such a day to imagine the murder and mayhem of less than four centuries ago - but then, it is even hard enough for us who lived through it to remember the destruction and loss of the war. Pray for the priests and people of Tottenham, Walthamstow, Brixton and all the other places where looting and rioting are taking place - and pray too for the Police - and for the Media that they do not simply incite further violence by their breathless reporting.

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  1. Corfe is a great place to visit and I hope you travelled on the railway. Perhaps steam trains are a characteristic of the Patrimony. I taught in a Jesuit school a few years ago and the chaplain thought so. Another interest of mine is amateur radio and there are some Jesuits with "ham" licenses. Jesuits run Vatican Radio to which all Catholics should listen.
    I know Bournemouth well and am fond of both St Stephen's and the Sacred Heart. It was to the latter I repaired when I was in Bournemouth in May. I hope you prosper , Father!