Sunday 12 September 2010

On the Edge

Falmouth is nautical and arty. We did both the shrines of these two aspects of the town's life, with a visit to the Maritime Museum (very hands-on, with aged dads pushing small children aside so that they could 'steer' the toy boats) and another to the Art Gallery. I am not sure if I should have photographed in the gallery, but it will be a little advertisement for them, and an encouragement for you to visit sometime.

Tom Early was a local artist, and one who, I'm sorry to say, I have not encountered previously, His pieces are large and bold and most entertaining - or so I thought. You must judge for yourself. Then there was a piece by David Andrew which simply, but very cleverly, made a design from Rocks.

The whole show is called The Edge, and it seemed good to time it just now as we wait on the visit of the Holy Father and the call not too many weeks from now from our PEVs to step over the edge. One lovely little opus was almost hidden in the top corner of the gallery; a cat trying to reach a dove perched just above it; but the cat was sliding down the wall, its claw marks there for all to see. I daresay it is a parable; for me it was just hugely amusing, with the cat looking timorously down over its shoulder. If you should be in West Cornwall, do get to the Gallery; and if not, have a look at

If you want another take on our Cornish visit - a bit more churchy - you will find it at

I have had trouble loading pictures to this blog, or you might have had a few more.

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