Saturday 18 September 2010

The Eagle has Landed

The Vicar was not looking forward to abseiling down his churchtower; but he did it, and showed "the church in the public square" as the MP Desmond Swayne said paraphrasing Pope Benedict yesterday in Westminster Hall. Saturday is Market Day in Lymington, and Fr Peter Salisbury has never abseiled before - indeed is not fond of heights - but all credit to him, he did this to launch an appeal for the renovation of St Thomas', the parish church of Lymington.

Mr Swayne reminded the crowds that there are supposed to be more millionaires in Lymington than in any other town in the country; that it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom than for a camel to pass through a needle's eye; and that therefore we must empty our pockets for this good cause. Well, up to a point; but more of that later on the Anglo-Catholic.

The crowds were good humoured and appreciative, it seemed, for what he was doing. It was something of a prophetic action, reminding people the church is still there. In fact, you can hardly miss St Thomas', in its prominent setting at the top of the mostly Georgian High Street of the Town.

Over the top ............ Halfway down ........... And nearly there.
There were crowds to cheer him on, in cassock and safety helmet. Traffic came to a standstill. I even missed the live broadcast of this morning's Papal Visit. But it was possible to catch up later, for TV has been wall-to wall Benedict - great!

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