Wednesday 16 June 2010

Belatedly Barnabas

Last Thursday I concelebrated S Barnabas' Day with priests from Beckenham and environs. I returned home to find my computer server not functioning. After an interesting Saturday morning in conversation with a number of charming people in Bombay (aka Mumbai) the confounded router still would not work. Eventually, after threatening to take my custom elsewhere, I was phoned by someone from the company's technical support who not only spoke English, but spoke a version of it which even someone as techophobic as me could understand. So I am back.

It is a bit late to recite the joys of St Barnabas' day, but it was very good catching up with Fr Simon Heans (I preached at his Ordination in Lancing Chapel , with Bishop Eric Kemp doing the bsuiness) and his wife and one of their daughters. Alice is not only beautiful, she sings like an angel. South London should flock to St Barnabas' to hear her.

Just a few photographs to give you an idea of the occasion.
Our Lady's bunfight
Chancel Window


  1. Re: your Anglo-Catholic blog (on Frs North and Jones) I attempted a little deconstruction of my own - perhaps all too gently. Good to have you back in the sphere. DC

  2. Thanks, Fr David; and I'd seen and like your piece; not quite as snide as mine, I think! +E