Sunday 3 January 2010

Ordindariate in Wessex

Not all the Answers, but certainly we shall be looking at some of the Questions on Saturday January 9th at St Francis' Church, Bournemouth. We have had less than two months to begin understanding just what the Ordinariate is about. Our Fathers in God, the PEVs, will have more to tell us in the next couple of months, but meanwhile some of us will try to go through the documents and answer such questions as can already be solved.

For some of us, this is a very exciting time; for others, worrying. It will be good to meet together to let others know how we feel, and what are some of the possible scenarios for the coming months. Because whatever is decided cannot be done without prayer, we shall begin on Saturday with the Eucharist. Then we will talk for as long as it takes - and there will be some liquid refreshment available, but we will need to bring our own food.

Everyone is welcome. You may have gone through 'Anglicanorum Coetibus' with your fine-toothed comb; or the whole thing might be just one confusing mystery. We hope especially that there will be some from parishes which have taken none of the Resolutions about women in the priesthood, or extra Episcopal care. However well or ill-prepared you are, and whatever your parish, come along.

Because I agree with Alice, that words without pictures are deadly, here is an Oyster-catcher on the edge of the Solent yesterday, busy leaving no stone unturned; an inspiration to us all, I hope.

HAPPY 2010!

St Francis' Church, Charminster Road, is on the corner of East Way at BH8 9SH. The Parish Priest, Canon Paul Berrett, can give you further details: 01202 529336.

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