Thursday, 15 October 2009

Reserving the Sacrament

God’s Gifts for God’s People is a small book with a great punch. In it the author, Fr Robert Beaken, gives a history of Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament, and in a gentle and compelling manner commends it to all Anglicans. He uses no technical words without explaining them simply, and his perspective is thoroughly that of middle England. Having spent some of his time as a theological student at the English College in Rome, he manages to translate catholic belief and practice into words which will not frighten any Englishman (or woman). In so many churches Reservation continues as a hangover from a forgotten past. This book will bring new understanding and devotion to many who have occasionally wondered what was behind the little curtains near the altar. It would be a great gift for the newly confirmed, and a happy discovery on any church bookstall. It is beautifully illustrated, and at £5 (plus £1 postage) it is not overpriced; and there are generous discounts for parishes wise enough to stock a good number of copies.
The publishers, Fitzwalter Press (The Old Barn, Gt Hockham near Thetford IP24 1PF), can be reached by email:

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