Monday, 19 October 2009

God's Gifts revisited

Reservation of the Sacrament is not as well understood as many priests suppose.

In this newly published booklet, "God's Gifts for God's People", Fr Robert Beaken makes a very persuasive case for the practice of Reservation. He also will lead many from the practicality of reserving for the sick, to understanding how the Blessed Sacrament can be a focus for devotion and a way to deepen the prayer life of the faithful.

Where words alone are not enough, the well-reproduced illustrations show the diversity of practice - Tabernacle, Hanging Pyx and Aumbry - in cathedrals and parish churches. This will prove a great teaching aid to many parish priests, and should be in every tract case.

Details of the price and publisher are on a previous blog "Reserving the Sacrament"; just scroll down to find it.

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