Monday, 1 October 2012

At least the Sun Shone

Our second priest was Ordained on Saturday 22nd; so on Monday 24th I was off on holiday with my wife to Dubrovnik. On the first full day there we went into the Old City and saw some of the sights; this is the Jesuit Church in the old City.

and that, alas, was that. Our second day was spent at the Hospital, where a local Doctor sent me since I could barely stand upright. They thought it was my heart - glad to say it wasn't. On returning home today after an expensive week staring mostly at the walls of the hotel bedroom I saw our GP. He assures me it is Virus Vertigo, and will gradually go away, though it might take a few weeks to disappear entirely.

Thought you might enjoy  a couple of views near our hotel - I managed to stagger as far as the beach last evening, and even fell (quite literally - but prepared for it) into the hotel pool.

I think Croatia could be a good place for a holiday.


  1. Get well soon!

  2. Croatia's lovely for a holiday but not when you're unwell. hope you soon feel 100%

  3. Sorry to hear about your travails, Monsignor.