Thursday 26 July 2012

Spinnaker Revisited

Part of Portsmouth Harbour seen from the Spinnaker Tower

If you follow 'the Anglo-Catholic' you will know there have been some problems (for me) in downloading pictures. There I was, halfway through a fascinating travelogue, only to have the system jam on me again. I hope this blogpost will work, since the views from the Spinnaker Tower are just wonderful.

Here first is the Ordinariate Church of St Agatha, the redbrick building with three lancet windown in the centre of the view. The tower in front of it is part of the Navy's barracks (though I fear the RN has lately adopted the transatlantic jargon and now calls it a "Naval Base") and a little beyond it the grey stone turret is on All Saints, one of the City Centre Anglican Churches.

St John's Catholic Cathedral is also redbrick, and again the turret and dome of another building partly obscure it.

The Anglican Cathedral of St Thomas of Canterbury is just beyond the ferry harbour in this shot, with beyond it the green grass of Southsea Common. Today there was a slight heat haze, and the windows of the Spinnaker have given all the pictures a strange blue glow - but I hope you can discern some of the land and sea-marks.

You should be able to make out HMS Victory, Nelson's flagship, at present awaiting the reinstatement of the top of her masts and rigging - probably for the twentieth time or so since she was put in dry-dock here.

The Narrow Harbour Entrance.

The Isle of Wight in the background

PS: I see there is a post on the Anglo -Catholic site asking for us to vote on what rite we want to use, the new Translation of the Missal or some as yet unseen version of Dr Cranmer's interesting little experiment. Since only 24 have so far voted the result is hardly overwhelming. If you are not completely fedup with the result of voting in Synods and such, do go to the Anglo-Catholic site and add your cross to the ballot paper.

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