Tuesday 31 May 2011

Singing in the Rain

"Do you ever see the Dominican Sisters in Sway?" asked one of the Ordinariate nuns today. We were at a pre-ordination quiet day in Kensington, the Carmelite Church. "But of course! I was with them yesterday". So here are some pictures to prove it.

We have had two months without rain here in the deep south; and though London had heavy showers today, no rain reached Lymington. But yesterday, being a Bank Holiday, it rained. Not wholeheartedly, but drizzlingly, and enough to make life difficult at the Priory in Sway.

The Sisters coped splendidly, however, and the plant stall proved very tempting. There was bric-a-brac, and a very good tea. So a couple of pictures will reassure you and the former Walsingham Sisters that I was there, where the Sisters look forward to a visit from the Ordinariate Religious asap.

Jane had not seen the Chapel, so before we left I took her to see it - inspired, I am told, by the Chapel at Elmore - now, alas, no longer the home of the monks of one-time Nashdom, who have retreated to the former college Principal's House in Salisbury Cathedral Close. I find the chapel at Sway quite lovely - I hope you do.

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  1. I missed the Fete but I finally managed to visit the Chapel at St Dominic's Priory one evening last week. It was deserted - it was about 6pm and one of the sisters said they would not be in for prayers until 7.30.
    I am not usually a fan of modern build churches, but I thought the Chapel was timeless. The photo you've posted really captures the feel of it; beyond the obvious beauty of the statue, the cross and the tabernacle it's very simple. With everything pared back and the gorgeous scenery as natural adornment, it felt so peaceful.
    Definitely want to visit again soon.