Monday 25 October 2010

More good news

Outward Bound

Half-term continues; so does the weather, and courtesy of Gran (aka the Flying Buttress) we set off on the Island Princess for a trip to the Needles. What a day for it!

Approaching Hurst Castle

We were afloat for little more than two hours, and on every hand there were wonderful views.
Fort Albert

Seemed a pity not to share them so, though I've no profound thoughts, the scenery should speak for itself.

Western Tip of the Isle of Wight

The Needles from one direction appear just menacing great lumps, from another side you can see just why they were called Needles. They are the result of long-term erosion; once there was a landbridge Westward to southern Dorset.

Taking in the View: the Needles & the Battery

It was a bonus for us that there is a repaircrew at the foot of the Lighthouse, so we could wave to them and also get a better idea of the scale of everything.

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