Thursday, 22 July 2010

Free at Last!

Free as air

As Synod fades into memory, one emotion remains; grateful thanks that the speculation is ended, and we know we are not wanted. "Oh, but the Archbishop has said ...." Forget it. What the Archbishop said has been ignored, and will be again. "Oh, but the dioceses are to debate the proposals..." To what end? They cannot amend anything, only approve or disapprove; and the certainty is that they will all approve what is before them. "Oh, but the final vote is not for eighteen months, there will be a new Synod, they need a two-thirds majority.." So what! If it were to fail at that hurdle it would come back very swiftly, with even less concessions to traditionalists. No, we have been given a one-way ticket, and the sooner we use it the better.

Spire of Ryde All Saints

So yesterday, taking a day out to the Isle of Wight (see the Anglo-Catholic blog) was wonderfully refreshing. Especially seeing All Saints Ryde in the pastoral care of the Bishop of Richborough, and so a constant thorn in the flesh of Portsmouth Diocese plc, standing proud on the skyline.

Quarr on the skyline

Then Quarr Abbey, where my former colleague among the college Principals, Dennis Lloyd of Mirfield, took refuge after leaving the C of E. We had a lovely day on the Island, and Osborne is worth a long journey.
English Heritage are doing a great job restoring Osborne house and gardens to their former glory. This is also an excuse to show you some pretty pictures from the Solent in Cowes week.

Portsmouth Harbour Entrance, the
Spinnaker on the right

If you have been to Portsmouth lately you can't have missed the Spinnaker Tower. We can glimpse it from Lymington, twenty miles away. Close up you get some impression of its size; the top three floors are glazed [they appear black in the picture above: click on the picture to enlarge it] and way up there you glimpse tiny figures of spectators... terrific. Knocks the Angel of the North into several cocked hats.

The base of the Spinnaker tower, with the Masts of Nelson's Victory in the distance.

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