Monday 28 June 2010

Blessing the Mayor: pt 2

Here the Mayor is being blessed: music stands in the background indicate the Orchestra - this was a very high-class event.

Mrs Aquilina, Claudia, has kindly forwarded more of their photographs from yesterday's Mayor-blessing and Patronal Festival, so here are a few of them. Fr Ivan is a whizz with schoolkids; and had them rolling in the aisles with "How do you make a Maltese Cross?" ... if you don't know the answer, email me, and I will send you the answer in a plain envelope...

Jim Cheeseman held the mike for the boys who led the prayers

Directly beneath the Maltese Cross the keen sighted will discern the Flying Buttress, ancient prop to the erstwhile flying bishop, aka Jane.

Mayor, Bishop, and Parish Priest all smiling at the wrong camera... but it was a great day.

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