Monday 26 April 2010

Saint Mark

Special affection for Mark the Evangelist, since my Title parish was St Mark's North End (which does describes not its liturgical, rather its geographical position) in Portsmouth. In those heady days there were seven curates, a Sister of S Peter's Woking, and a somewhat bemused Vicar. He had returned to England from being Principal of the theological college in Calcutta, where he went straight from a post at Westcott House. So Peter May's experience as an Incumbent was nil. The merry band of curates rang rings round him, but loved him dearly.

Since the church was pulled down to be replaced by a brutalist concrete monster, I thought a better illustration would come from another St Mark's, in Florence. Other curates may recall a silly version of the almost equally banal English Hymnal offering for this day:

Thanks be to God for Good Saint Mark

Without whom we'd be in the dark

About an awful lot of things

Relating to the King of kings.

Today I worshipped at a local St Mark's, in Highcliffe, where I confirmed yesterday.

Have a very happy St Mark's day (transferred).

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