Friday, 15 January 2010

One of those weeks

So, just two sermons, an address to the Church Union AGM, and an introduction to our Book Launch. Quite an easy couple of days for a retired PEV, really. In case you are in London with a little time to spare, the AGM of the Church Union is at Christ the King, Gordon Square, on Monday 18th at 2pm, and all paid up members of the Church Union are welcome. Among other things (such as the election of Officers) we shall be trying to deal with the question of the centenary fund set up in the time of Bishop Eric of happy memory, in the hope that we can use the money raised then wisely and well.

The first sermon is complete (for Holy Trinity Winchester, 10.30am), the second is well on the way (for a confirmation in Bournemouth in the evening .... since Winchester is still without two Suffragans. Fancy, not just Basingstoke gone, but also Southampton. As I reminded Bishop Michael at the time, to lose one Suffragan, my Lord, might be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness.)

The address for the AGM is in embryo, the introduction for the book launch (at the Travellers' Club in Pall Mall, also on Monday) at 6p.m. is brewing. If you have not been invited and would like to be there, you will need to contact the Church Union Office - Stephen Parkinson at 2a the Cloisters, Gordon Square ( is the man to speak to (tel 020 7388 3588). The book is 'Defend and Maintain', the newly produced history of the Church Union, by Frs Philip Corbett and William Davage.

After such excitements I can sit back and relax; except that on Wednesday we fly to Limoges for four nights, to meet Fr Allan Hawkins of the Anglican Use RC Church, to talk of Ordinariates and such .... but more of that later.

Meanwhile, prayers, of course, for Haiti.

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