Friday, 21 December 2012

The Patrimony of Preaching

Now this was a very welcome Christmas present; a volume of thoughts and meditations by the leader of the Ordinariate Group in Shrewsbury. I have known Fr David Mawson for many years, and this is a revised version of a companion to the three-year lectionary which he first produced as an Anglican. Long pastoral experience in parishes, prisons and hospitals ensures a welcome common touch to Fr David's writings. He is also experienced in spiritual direction and accompaniment as a Benedictine Oblate. The version of the Bible on which it is based is the Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition) which the English  Ordinariatec uses in much of its worship.

I don't generally use this blog for Book Reviews, but I do commend this very warmly. It is published by Jaquedaw*, and no doubt obtaineable from all good Booksellers (and even from the bad ones which do not pay their Corporation Tax) by quoting the ISBN number 078-0-9565118-5-0

* Jaquedaw 17 Steepside, SHREWSBURY, SY3 6DS


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