Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Volucrium caeli coetibus

Groups of birds, that is to say - or if not Fr Hunwicke will swiftly correct me... at any rate, they were there in their thousands, down on the marshes today. Geese flying in huge flocks, turnstones and curlews and redshanks busying themselves by the edge of the water. Many seemed agitated; some gulls were mobbing a lone swan, until it stood on its tail and flapped its great wings at them.

It is the time for discerning their future, deciding where the best spot might be for bringing up their young, keeping an eye open for predators. All of which seemed somehow a parable for another group... Anglicanorum...

Despite these musings, the weather was bright if pretty chilly still, and a good walk was called for after the Ash Wednesday Mass in All Saints', Lymington.
That is a shared church with the Methodists. If they unite, as is rumoured, perhaps All Saints will not be needed by either congregation... it would scrub up wonderfully as an Ordinariate church - but not a word to the Vicar.

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  1. ? "coetus" (sing) or "coeti" (pl) but Fr Hunwicke will know best !!