Sunday, 14 February 2010


An unusually relaxed Sunday today; I just said the 8o'clock 1662 approx (with mini sermon) in Lymington, then off we went on the first picnic of the season. Kingston Lacey is a favourite spot - the former home of the Bankes family, left to the National Trust when the last heir died.

The estate included Corfe Castle, where Lady Bankes had held out against the Roundheads until they starved her out. As she rode out, it is said the Parliamentary troops averted their eyes.

The National Trust herded us through the woodland walks today- vast throngs of us, all to see the snowdrops! But it was a lovely day, if a bit chilly whenever the sun went in.

So, nothing earthshattering to blog about, just one or two jolly pictures to share; of the House, some of the Devon Red cattle, some snowdrops and a magnificent tree. Relax! Enjoy!

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