Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stirring Times

For the past few weeks our Bournemouth Group has been meeting after Mass for half an hour of study and instruction. We are together preparing a family (parents and three sons) for reception; then today another Anglican, who has been worshipping with us, decided he too must seek admission. So little by little we are growing, and it is good that we have a few more long-standing Catholics joining us week by week. Some of them too are taking part in our course of instruction, as a refresher. Our study today amounted to looking over a scheme of prayer, by which each member of the Group will pray through a rota, ensuring that every member is prayed for by someone each day. To that basic list we have added the leaders and members of neighbouring Groups, our Ordinary, his assistants and so on. All this is within a scheme for saying the Rosary through the course of a month. It has meant a good deal of work on the computer, and some explaining to the sisters and brothers. Now we are all trying it through the course of this week, and will return next Sunday to resolve any difficulties.

We are also getting ready for the Ordination to the priesthood of Dn Brian Copus. In the picture he is with members of the Group after today's discussion, still in animated conversation.

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