Wednesday, 25 July 2012

End of a Marathon

Today Her Majesty's Jubilee Tours come to an end - presumably to give room for the Olympics. Over the past months she and the Duke of Edinburgh have visited most corners or the realm. Today, she brings it to a glorious conclusion on the hottest day of the year (remember the cold wet River Pageant?) with a visit to the New Forest Show.

Butcher's delivery cart

We went there yesterday, with grandson, to ensure that everything was ready for the Queen. It is a very Horsey occasion - she will surely enjoy that. There were of course the showjumpers and the dressage horses; I somehow prefer the more workaday animals, dray horses and even the knacker's cart - though at the show they are all polished and perfect.

And being so near the Solent, you could buy boats as well as tack.

I hope the Queen and the Duke enjoyed their day at the Show as much as we did; they were accompanied by this year's president, Alan Titchmarsh - surely Sir Alan before very long? He seems to be there greeting the Queen even more often than Lords Lieutenant. :Last year the President was the Bishop of Winchester, so the Show's Charity this year is Winchester Cathedral. They should do well from it; the crowds seem set to break all records.

I found my perfect niche at the Coop Funeral Service's stand; I am told the hearse with Chinese Dragons is only for display. Shame. What away to go!

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