Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Elect

"One lot of sinners out, another lot in" a wise priest used to say, and he was right. So will you be staying up all night to check the results as they come in? I really do not recommend it. Get your beauty sleep and let others worry about how soon we shall be told the news of drastic cuts all round. "We had no idea of the depth of the problem; now that we are elected we shall have to abandon all the promises we made during the campaign". As for our constituency here in Lymington, I am told that if the sitting candidate (Tory, how did you guess?) were unseated, the result across the country would be three Conservatives left in Parliament. It is, you might say, a safe seat. Which is why I'd be glad of some sort of PR, then at least there would be some point in voting here.

I've been trying to concoct a little blog for our American chums on the Anglo Catholic site, letting them know how I see the present state of the C of E locally. I certainly don't blame our local clergy; they are the product of the present system of training (Salisbury/Wells and Wycliffe Hall) which has the support of the current load of Bishops. But it's certainly not the Church of England as I knew her.

This was Fatima on May 13th last year; a moderate congregation.

There will be many more this year, since the Holy Father is to be present.

Now I am packing my bags for Fatima, and trying to get a few addresses together for that Pilgrimage. We are off on Monday, Volcano permitting; and due to return the following Monday, Volcano and BA staff permitting. I hear they are ballotting for another strike. Well, there are worse places to be stuck than Portugal; the Porto Branco is delightful. Orate pro nobis. +Edwin

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