Monday, 1 February 2010

The Catholic Church and England

is the title of a new Tufton Booklet, its subtitle "The Pope's Offer of Personal Ordinariates for Groups of Anglicans". It is my personal reflections on "Anglicanorum Coetibus". When it appears (a few days from now, we hope) it will be the result of the labours of many people. Fr Len Black, the indefatigable webmaster of the Church Union, has seen it through the press, with the help of Fr Darren Smith and his team at A.C.S. Fr John Pitchford, Editor for the Church Union, has slaved over it for a couple of days now, knocking my rough copy into a presentable state.

It simply seemed to me that we needed to have something we could put into the hands of our congregations in readiness for the day of prayer on February 22nd, and perhaps to make the basis for discussion and prayer during Lent. It does not answer all the questions, or cover all the ground, but it is aimed at parish priests and their people. When it is published, I shall be happy to receive any amount of flack concerning it.

It is to be priced £3.50, or £5 to include postage. Initially, though, Priests on our mailing lists will be sent a free copy; and there are reductions in costs for multiple copies. This amends the original (mis)information on this blog. Sorry!

If you wish to order your pre-publication copy, or need to know about postage &c for quantities or for overseas, ask ACS:
I hope you will find it helpful in seeking to discern your own response to Anglicanorum Coetibus.

If there is not yet a day of prayer organised in your parish for February 22nd, please contact your Forward in Faith representative, or email to ask Stephen Parkinson to help:

There is an interesting article on the Apostolic Constituion in the January issue of UNITAS, the newsletter of the Catholic League,which may be found at

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